Core departments and agencies

The Government of Canada spent an estimated $15.1B in 2021-2022 on contracts across core public service departments and agencies (this excludes the Department of National Defence, commissions, review committees, and Offices of Parliament).

Across 283,203 contracts active since the start of the 2017-2018 fiscal year, 44,897 have at least one amendment (16%). Of contracts with amendments, the average increase in dollar value was 167% and the average number of amendments was 1.82. Cumulatively these amendments represent an increase of $26.4B over the original contract values.

The average contract duration was 0.85 years, and the average contract value (not including contracts under $10k) was $416.7K. The longest contract was 34.82 years. The largest contract by value (including amendments) was $5.7B.


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Departments and agencies

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